Your Path of Choice

There may be a time in your life where the Norns have decided you come to a fork in your path.  Your choice is to walk the path you know, of ease, of comforts created by society, that of the herd.  Or, you can choose the path less traveled, of uncertainty, of the lone wolf.  If the Norns have woven this fork into your Wyrd, look into the wilderness and know your tribe is there.  Take that first step.  The veil is lifting and Great Mother is stirring.  It is time to awaken.


About norsestormdragon

I am heathen. My soul is ancient. I am a warrior but I do not bear arms. My belief is that we are all here as guardians of Midgard, not as despoilers of Jord. I follow the Old Ways, the gods of the north. My beliefs are primal and dark. I am a Healer - working with nature to heal. View all posts by norsestormdragon

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