Feast of the Einherjar

Today we remember all those that have fought for us and fallen in battle, who sacrificed their lives to ensure that we are able to live with the freedoms we enjoy.

Today we remember those who have returned home only to face their own demons and fight their own private battles.

We honour you and our ancestors

Hail to the Day! Hail, ye Day’s sons,
Hail Night and daughter of Night!
With blithe eyes look on all of us
and send to those sitting here victory!

Hail Aesir!  Hail Asynjur!
Hail, earth that givest to all!
Goodly spells and speech bespeak we from you,
and healing hands, in this life

Sigrdrifumal: 3:4


About norsestormdragon

I am heathen. My soul is ancient. I am a warrior but I do not bear arms. My belief is that we are all here as guardians of Midgard, not as despoilers of Jord. I follow the Old Ways, the gods of the north. My beliefs are primal and dark. I am a Healer - working with nature to heal. View all posts by norsestormdragon

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