Values Of Rökkatru

Source: Values Of Rökkatru


A reminder to us all that everything is so much bigger and that there is so much more

to “remind people that the deities of the Norse/Germanic old pagan beliefs aren’t just the Aesir and the Vanir, there are other gods, more linked to the ancestors and the spirits of the earth which are as important as any other deity or spirit in their own ways” (from here)


About Norse Stormr

I am heathen. My soul is ancient. I am a warrior but I do not bear arms. I believe we are here as guardians of Midgard, not as despoilers of Jord. I follow the Old Ways, the gods of the north. I am not part of any organised group or affiliation - I prefer to be alone, just as a wolf is until they find their mate. My beliefs are primal and dark. I am a Healer and Mentor - working with the Universe to live in balance. View all posts by Norse Stormr

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