The Boy

The boy walked deeper into the forest and the gods looked on curiously.

Many years had passed since anyone had ventured past the tree line and into the darkness within. The boy had heard the stories the elders told of the gods and their wolves, serpents and warriors. The gods had called and the boy heard.

The god of thunder, defender of the realms, laughed at the boy and slammed his mighty hammer against the side of his chariot. The sound grew louder and the earth trembled and shook. The boy stopped in fear but did not turn and run. The boy took another step into the darkness and the god looked down and smiled.

The trickster, god of chaos, next took aim at the boy and sent forth whirling winds and towers of sand, magical images of rock giants and water dragons, but again the boy stood trembling and waited for these to pass.

The wanderer, master of the realms, next gazed down upon the boy in wonder at his audacity and sent forth his wolves and with them his ravens. The wolves stalked the boy in the deep forest and salivated at their prey whilst the ravens taunted the boy with their cries. The boy stood his ground and yelled I am not afraid of you. You can stalk me and taunt me but I will not give up.

So the boy kept on his path as the forest became darker and gloomier and upon time he came across a clearing. The clearing was filled with men and women laughing and talking. A great silence fell upon the crowd there in the clearing and they parted ways for the boy to enter.

The boy eyed a man in a long cloak, a distaff in his hand and a patch upon his eye. Beside him stood a woman of such great beauty it hurt his eyes to look upon her. When she spoke her words came to him like those of a song, gentle and kind, hypnotic and dangerous. Come boy, warm yourself before our fire and eat with us.

And so the boy walked through the quiet bystanders and as he walked he looked upon their faces, many from lands far from his home, and noted they all looked down upon him with a twinkle in their eye and a gladness on their faces.

The boy reached the blazing fire in the middle of the clearing and watched a large pig roasting there and the boy was happy. In his village great feasts were held at the changing of the sun and a pig was always served, as the elders called it the food of the gods. The boy sat and took a cup and drank and ate with the men and the women. He listened to their many tales, tales of battles won and lost, of journeys to far off lands, of friends and foes, of families borne and passed. One by one those who appeared revered, came and sat beside the boy and one by one they told him of many tales, gave him sage words of wisdom and counseled him on many things. The boy sat and listened to all he was told and wondered how he would ever remember all that he was told.

After a time the boy became full from the feast and warm from the drink and the boy realised that the stories he was hearing were those stories he had heard from the elders. The boy knew he sat amongst the gods and goddesses and their warriors. As the boy laughed with the gods the boy knew that this was where he belonged and these were his family.

So it came to pass that the warriors stood and each came to the boy and patted his head or slapped his back and each bade their farewell. We are off now to prepare they said and each was joyful and eager. The boy turned and was met by the gatekeeper, watcher of the realms. Come boy I shall walk with you back to the forest line. It is time now for you to return to your family and people.

So the two wandered away from the din of the clearing where the tables and chairs were being cleared away, into the darkness of the forest and after time it began to lessen and the rarely worn path became clearer to navigate. Upon a ways the boy and the gatekeeper stopped and a great warrior stepped out of the forest onto the path in front of them. The boy looked upon the man in awe and noted his battle worn armour, the many scars he bore and the loss of a hand. Boy you walked into the forest whilst many others dared not come. You turned your back on what was familiar and safe. Be careful boy for the world survives on lies and many of those in it are fat and lazy. A great battle is coming boy, a time we call the twilight of the gods, but you are now the Keeper of Knowledge. Remember all you have learned here tonight and tell those who are ready to listen. When you leave here the Keeper of Order and the Keeper of Chaos will greet you. You three will lead those who are brave, strong and loyal. Although they are few, they are everywhere. Go now, time is short.

So the boy and the gatekeeper kept to the path and upon a short time the boy began to see the tree line. The gatekeeper stopped and turned to the boy. A great fire will consume the land boy and there will be three winters at the turning of the sun when there should be no darkness. At this time those who have turned their backs on us, who have chosen the life of decay and greed will perish. You boy with she who knows order and he who is the bringer of chaos must gather together the strong, the loyal and the brave and move through the madness to come. Go now, remember all you have learnt here.
So the boy turned to face the tree line but before he stepped forward he turned to thank the gatekeeper. Behind him was only darkness and the sounds of the wild. The boy grew confused and yet in his heart knew all he had seen and heard to be the truth. He swore then an oath to the old gods that he would find and lead those who were not tainted by the poison, to a new beginning.

As he stepped out of the forest he was greeted by the Keeper of Order and the Keeper of Chaos and together they heard the sound of a distant horn. A sound that was carried on the wind and yet, only heard by a few.

This ‘story’ came to me in a dream the night before last and this is word for word as I remember it

Pagan vs Heathen

As always an excellent post with much information. I know many of us in the community use one term over the other. I hope this gives you a better understanding of both and some information to educate those who have no idea …

Where do the terms pagan and heathen come from and what’s the difference? The word pagan is a Latin term which means “nonparticipant” (paganus) or more accurately, “country dweller” or “civilian” in contrast to being “Soldiers of Christ”. “Pagan” was used by Christians in Anglo-Saxon England to describe non-Christians. Latin was the spoken and written…

via Paganism vs Heathenism, is there a difference? — Spangenhelm

Origins — The Way of the Thornwood

As always, Jack Wolf speaks of a deep truth that resounds with my outlook on the world.  I share this because, as with Mr Wolf and many others, I believe the world needs to hear this, to waken and listen and act.  Perhaps this falls within your world view, perhaps not.  Either way I hope that by sharing this with you it will provide some food for thought.

By Jack Wolf During a conversation last week with a Thornish elder, I was particularly struck by a term he used to describe Thornish people. He referred to us as “Neo-Paleo Tribalists” and of course that really got me thinking: It got me thinking of primitive people living in hide shelters and hunting (or being […]

via Origins — The Way of the Thornwood

Your Path of Choice

There may be a time in your life where the Norns have decided you come to a fork in your path.  Your choice is to walk the path you know, of ease, of comforts created by society, that of the herd.  Or, you can choose the path less traveled, of uncertainty, of the lone wolf.  If the Norns have woven this fork into your Wyrd, look into the wilderness and know your tribe is there.  Take that first step.  The veil is lifting and Great Mother is stirring.  It is time to awaken.

The Rape of Jord

A while back I wrote several pieces about the human price of progress and the ongoing destruction of Midgard.  I have been reading further on this and it sickens me that since the wilful destruction began over 100 years ago, very little has been done about it.  Corporations are still drilling and mining and culling and clearing, governments are still standing by and letting it happen.  The general apathy from the human race is appalling and there are only a small handful who are prepared to put their lives on the line to try and stop it.  Whilst many of us, in our hearts, feel badly about the destruction and we are very happy to ‘like’ an action on Facebook or ‘share’ a disgrace to our online buddies, how many of us are prepared to get out there, get dirty, risk life and limb to do something about the annihilation of our planet by corporate greed and corrupt powers?

One of the issues I think that is facing most of the organisations trying to make a difference is deferred apathy by GenPop – “it’s on the other side of the world”; “oh dear isn’t that bad, but I’m more worried about whether I can get fresh strawberries for dinner tonight even though it’s midwinter”; “that’s okay, it’s a third world country and it’s their own fault anyway”.  I know, I’ve heard it with my own ears.  It’s disgraceful and it makes my heart break.

Jord is very angry.  She has put up with humanity’s attempts at digging down, burning her surface and blasting away at the foundations but, like all spoilt children, we have gone too far.

In India in a small place called Jharia, an underground coal field has been burning since 1916.

In Turkmenistan, drilling at a new oil field site halted when the area collapsed into a wide crater and the site was deemed unsafe.  The engineers at the time believed that the best way to control the escaping gases was to light them up.  That fire has been burning since 1971.

In April 2010, an oil rig exploded spilling over 750 million litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico devastating the shorelines of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.  The oil is still there killing the fragile ecosystem of the Gulf.

Heat wave sparks anthrax outbreak in Russia’s northern Yamalo-Nenets region in August 2016.  Temperatures in the Yamal tundra above the Arctic Circle have hit highs of 95 degrees this summer, compared to an average of 77 degrees.

The Pavlof Volcano in Alaska, the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, the Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island, Indonesia have all been spewing ash into the atmosphere in the past three months.

The Colli Albani, a 9-mile-long semicircle of hills on the outskirts of Rome, last erupted 36,000 years ago, so geologists had classified it as extinct – until about 20 years ago.

Ground movement of infamous sinkholes near Wink, Texas suggest the two existing holes are expanding, and new ones are forming as nearby subsidence occurs at an alarming rate.

Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La Réunion) is showing signs of unrest that could be a precursor to a new eruption.

Between January 2016 and August 2016 there have been approximately 25 earthquakes in the Pacific Rim of magnitude 6.5 to 7.8.  Whilst earthquakes are a natural phenomenon in this area due to the prolific tectonic plate movements, this is quite a high number.  Over the past 10 years, the World Earthquake Organisation has registered over 400 in the same area.

Large scale motion has been detected near the San Andreas Fault Line in California.

“As sea water warms due to climate change, it expands; this rise in volume upsets the balance of tectonic plates” says a new study, adding that the Gangetic delta in South Asia is particularly vulnerable, according to Kolkata-based geographer Sujib Kar

We only have to look at the massive hurricane force storms in Eastern China and the floods that have hit the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom over the past six months to realise that our impact on Midgard is gut wrenching.  Follow this with heatwave temperatures of over 120F in the US Southwest and extraordinarily high temperatures in other parts of the world, as well as the massive out of control bush fire burning in the California hills outside Los Angeles, to see the scale to which our actions have impacted on earth – it can’t be any clearer.

“Earth’s stability is collapsing…and one by one, the biospheric processes regulating life itself are going awry. These are early characteristics of climate shock and are indications that even more ominous changes are yet to unfold. The fact that Earth’s systems are crashing in concert (climate, biodiversity and ecosystems, atmosphere, aquifers, and geological processes) is evidence geological change is accelerating on a planetary scale…we may not all be on the same page now that change is underway on planet Earth but sooner or later, we’ll all be in the same boat as environmental refugees from the change that will inevitably neutralize biological conditions on the planet.” –The Extinction Protocol by Alvin Conway, page 9, 2009 (1st edt)

There will be many who ask ‘what can we do about it?  Isn’t it now too late to repair what we have done?”  Perhaps, but we can stop what we are doing and try to rectify the damage.  Stop the open cut coal mining that’s raping the earth of its nutrients, halt deep sea drilling in the North Sea, terminate coal seam gas mining and revert to alternative fuel sources such as wind and solar power.  Look at the small innovative companies who are turning our waste products into construction materials and fabrics, stop pandering to big business by purchasing their latest gadgets and succumbing to their ‘one for each of us’ advertising campaign.  Embrace your freedom of choice and make the choice to say ‘no more, we have had enough’.  The world is made up of over 7billion people – I know the chances of this happening are minimal.  There is an awakening happening but just as quickly as people are becoming aware, big business and corporates and governments are doing everything they can to quash the independence.  We need to face them head on and do what we can to preserve our precious planet.

What are you going to do about it?

The Earth is dying – a heartfelt plea

A woman came up to me at work the other day and started going on and on about how all of the terrible things happening around us had been predicted by the book of revelations and how the second coming was nigh. Even when I told her that her faith wasn’t my faith (and she […]

via The Problem with Life-Denying Faiths — Heathen Woman

I shed a tear on reading this piece written with such emotion and anger – it is our responsibility as Heathens to educate those less knowledgeable about preserving the planet.  She is angry and I am with her.

Odin & Baldr

I don’t often post but I do when something particularly moves me.  This is a wonderful piece written by Tim Miller over at Word and Silence and also published here.  Thank you Mr Miller.


Tim Miller

The High One heard the lowest prophecy:
Already riddled with the worst of dreams,
His boy Baldr would be killed by his brother.
And worse: another brother would avenge
Him, family hacking down family.
And worse: These murders would lead to the end,
To three winters of war and three more years
Of only winter, and all swept away.

Old grey Odin went to the Underworld
And avoided the hall to call on the graves,
And he raised there a reluctant seeress
Who complained, “I am covered in winters,
I am covered in mornings and evenings,
How dare you wake me from this my long death.
You know already what you would deny:
Mead down here is being brewed for Baldr,
For your boy, the dead hall and the high seat
Are being readied for him, for the world’s
Folding over—for your own death, Odin.”

And at Baldr’s funeral the High One
Held this knowledge close as the pyre went up,
As the burning ship was pushed to water,
As it was given to wind and the earth,
As Odin bent and whispered to his boy
What none could hear and few would ever know,
Mourning for a son, a family, a world,
The heavy inevitability.


Tim Miller’s most recent book is the long narrative poem, To the House of the Sun (S4N Books). His other fiction and poetry have appeared widely. He writes about poetry, history and religion at

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